FileMaker Server Hosting Set-Up

We load FlatRatePro and get it all set up for you to a FileMaker Hosting service of your choice.

Pick a FileMaker Hosting plan that has a minimum of 3 databases. Choose a FileMaker Hosting company and plan of your choice. Forward us the set-up email from the hosting company with your server address and login details. We'll take care of the rest and have you up and running in no time.
By using a Shared FileMaker Hosting service you save money on buying filemaker server and gain the benefits of daily back-ups and full auto processing in GoSyncHost (the connection to your FlatRatePro data from your mobile devices).
Note: FileMaker Server is not required to use FlatRatePro you can host files directly form FileMaker Pro on your computer with a limit of 5 connections no automated backups, and not quite as reliable as FileMaker Server.

Here are few links for setting up an online FileMaker hosting account:

PointInSpace.Com √ Reccomended

Note: you will need a hosting service that has a minimum of 3 data bases hosted. You will host 3 files: FlatRatePro_Data, FlatRatePro_Media, and GoSyncHost.

Client No:

Client No. not required when purchased together with FlatRatePro.