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We are currently not taking on any new clients nor providing support for FlatRatePro or FlatRateGo until further notice.
  • FlatRatePro
    FlatRate Pro™ v2.2 is the Mother Ship for your integrated flat rate pricing system. Now fully integrated with Quickbooks** you can buy the Quickbooks Integration Module at any time or just add it to your shopping cart before you check out to activate it right away.
    Take credit card payments from within FlatRatePro with a valid account and purchase of 360works Plastic plug-in.
    When you deploy FlatRate Go™ mobile you can work offline sync your updates with your hosted FlatRate Pro™ data when you have a mobile data or wifi connection. Now swipe credit cards in FlatRateGo using PayPalHere integrated app, no additional purchase required other than your FlatRateGo License seats.
    FlatRate Pro™ is the only flat rate system that includes a unique Sales Comparison Page for Equipment Sales (Installs, HVAC, or other products).

    With many different variations of page layouts and colors you can print the books or use FlatRate Go™ digital version showing your settings that best reflect your company image.

    FlatRate Pro™
    includes inventory book, Truck and Warehouse labels as well. You can easily add new jobs, new parts (with images) you stock in your trucks and warehouse.

    FlatRate Pro™ is the mother ship for FlatRate Go™, the mobile counterpart for your iPhone or iPad.

    Be a part of Changing the way the world does flat rate with FlatRate Pro™

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    This version has the new Quickbooks Integration Module built in ready for activation** saving you loads of accounting entries keeping FlatRatePro in sync with Quickbooks. We've integrated your important entries with Quickbooks for Windows using the FMBooks Connector Plug-In by Productive Computing (available separately).

    On a Mac? No problem if you run VMWare Fusion or Parallels. We run VMWare Fusion in Unity mode and it is pretty much just like running any other Mac program. We love it!
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    FlatRatePro is now pre-wired to process credit cards*.
    This version allows you to put a prefix onto your host files so you can use any Cloud based shared FileMaker hosting service. We've added States/provinces specific for each country, so you only see the states for your country when entering addresses. We've opened some of the under the hood layouts extending the import/export abilities. An all new Home screen shows the document flow and is ready for the upcoming integration modules. We've improved the logging system to track mobile syncs and other things going on and lots of little fixes. See more in the version history.

    FlatRatePro™ includes tasks, items (parts), vendors, clients, contacts, quotes, invoices, payments and more.
    Unlimited clients with an unlimited number of addresses are can be linked to quotes, invoices, contacts, and job pictures & documents. You can store your related documents such as pdfs, word, excel or other file types in contaner fields in the record to keep all your job files and pictures together with the quote or invoice for that job. Create Item assemblies to speed task building and organize your jobs better. Store multiple vendor part ids on your Items to keep track of the best buy. All Items will show the related tasks that are using the item (part) with a link to jump right to them. Print your own inventory labels with pictures, Print your own flat rate books, and/or use the iPad or iPhone to take the whole system mobile with a FlatRateGo license.
    I would like to...

    Charge customers the correct price to earn my desired profits over and above my break-even selling price for labor.
    Create a quote and invoice directly from my price guide just by touching tasks I want to add.
    Add job photos right into the customers quote on site and be able to email this quote or invoice to my customer
    Capture the customers signature on my iPad or iPhone
    Increase my sales with Extended Service Plans on each task.
    Build an unlimited number of tasks
    Have an add-on for every task or just the ones that I want
    Provide my techs with the info and tools they need to sell more on each service call
    Be in control of how much I charge for each job
    Save time and money by not having to print a flat rate book every time we make a change or if I do want to print books have more control over the printing and the costs.
    Project the most professional image, and build company name recognition with professional price book printed or using the latest technology with paperless quotes and invoicing
    Set the colors of the price books as I choose.
    Print my inventory labels for the trucks and warehouse
    Be able to update our flat rate price guide company wide in minutes!
    Create my own Quicklink home screen buttons to customise our digital price guide the way I want.
    * FlatRatePro is pre-integrated for use with the 360Works Plastic plug-in (available separately) to do credit card processing and refunds for invoices. To get started, you will need an account with, and a license key for 360Works Plastic.

    ** Quickbooks Integration Module can also be purchased later within FlatRatePro > Preferences > Quickbooks.
  • FlatRateGo
    All New FlatRate Go™ v1.2 with new numeric keypads, swipe credit cards payments using PayPayHere and more...
    FlatRate Go™ is the mobile counterpart of FlatRate Pro™. You can WORK OFFLINE and SYNC when you want, either at each job, the end of the day or whenever it is convenient. This means you are not dependent on a decent internet connection to access your data and do your work because the data you need is local on your iPad or iPhone. Sync when you've got a connection.

    FlatRateGo video Tour v1.04

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    Data Integrity - Our sync framework is transactional, so each invoice, quote or other records will only send up or down as whole intact records with all of their related data. You get the whole invoice will all the tasks or no invoice. This is data integrity. An example would be if you were sending up several invoices and quotes for the days work from your iPhone and the phone rings. The phone takes priority so it will interrupt the sync in process. No problem, the whole records that have been sent are processed, any that were not completed when the call came in will not be committed to the host because they did not complete. When the sync resumes or on the next sync any unsent records will be sent.

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    Create Quotes, Invoices, new Clients, and Contacts in the field will Push when you sync with your host computer or server in the office. Photos of the project or job can be easily taken and added right into the client records, you can even store Word, Excel, PDF or other types of files all in one easy accessible client record in FlatRatePro on your host or server. Finally keep all the related data to your jobs or projects in the right place where it can be found. WE NOW HAVE BEFORE and AFTER job photos accessible from the quotes and invoice layouts.

    FlatRate Go™ is the first mobile flat rate system that can will write your quote and invoice, get your clients signature then email your customer a copy on the spot and sync with your office..

    Check our
    blog and YouTube® channel for the latest videos on FlatRate Pro™.
  • More...

    We've simplified things with the new keypads for numeric entries like phone numbers or dollar amounts. Payments auto fill with the balance due on the invoice. and at the touch of the PayPalHere button your payment is pushed right into PayPalHere ready to swipe the money right into your bank account. You clients can even pay with their own PayPal account using their PayPal mobile app.

    To swipe credit cards in FlatRateGo All you need is a free business PayPal account and the PayPalHere card reader (free in the USA). We record the PayPal transaction details back into FlatRateGo, which all syncs back to FlatRatePro in the office - a truly simple solution to getting paid!
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    The new States by Country value lists make address entry easy in FlatRateGo as well as Pro no matter what country your business is in. You can add countries and states/provinces if yours is not there. As you may or not be aware the the phone numbers will auto format to your country so you never have to type dashes and brackets. USA, Canada, Australia, and now the UK.
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  • and more
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    What's different about FlatRate Pro™?

    It Looks good and It's fun to use!

    Unique Simple Design
    that is easy to use, yet is more than just a flat rate price book, it's integrated with your data from your parts, vendors, clients, contacts, quotes, and invoices all built in.

    To Print or not to print - FlatRate Pro™ is a truly simple flat rate system that does not limit you to printing flat rate books, in fact you don't have to print your books at all.

    If you like you can print your flat rate book or any portion thereof as well as inventory labels, inventory books, and various reports, however the entire system can be run and shared on multiple computers, and with FlatRate Go™ on iOS mobile devices (iPad and iPhones).

    • Manage your Clients with unlimited related addresses, contacts, quotes, and invoices.
    • Manage your Vendors, unlimited number of branches, with related contacts, and parts
    • Organized parts or task items used in your tasks are interconnected by categories, group, and...
    • Create Assembly items to group parts packages for repetitive installs or larger jobs - Saving you time building and managing your price guide.
    • Super easy to use and attractive interface is fun to use! : )
    • See part images in tasks and when adding to tasks makes selection easy and with just a click!
    • Advance filters to allow you to see and find the data you want with the least effort throughout FlatRatePro.
    • Offer Add-on price discounts and Extended Service Plans as part of your price book.
    • Easy to read Task Breakdown screen to see how much money you will make with each task.
    • Super cool Equipment and Parts Drill down reporting lets see and work with your data like never before. With a comprehensive flat rate system it is great to have easy ways to sort and see all the items that go into your tasks. See the video.
    • Sales Reports and Charts - Sales reports and Sales Charts to to motivate your team to increase sales and earn more money.
    • The Tech can record the payment and their copy of the invoice is emailed in PDF format while the tech is still at their home. See our videos to see this in action.
    • Secure Data - All FlatRatePro host data is secured by account name and password with encryption. You have control of who can access your data and set user access privileges. Keeping your data safe and secure.

    See Version History for some of the newest features.

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    FlatRate Pro™ is an Integrated flat rate Price Guide software that allows you to print your own custom flat rate books. FlatRate Pro™ is the only flat rate system that includes Plumbing, Sewer & Drain, HVAC ( Gas & Electric Furnaces, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, and Hydronic Heating Boilers) together with a full inventory book, label printing, and has more ways to customize the look and feel of your price guides than any other flat rate system on the market today. Not only that it is fun to use.

    You can have printed books and/or interactive iPad and iPhone price guides.

    FlatRate Pro™ video Tour

    What is a Flat Rate Book for? The primary reason is to enable you to earn a fair profit for the company. A good flat rate book is also to sell jobs to your customers, presented in the best way possible presenting a level of trust and credibility in your company and your price for the job.

    What is the point in having a flat rate book that will not create the quotes and then provide an invoice for the customer to sign?

    FlatRate Go™ will allow you to select the tasks and options to present a price to your client in a non threatening way using the well known Paper Towel Close.

    It's easy to show options with subtotals for each so your clients can easily select what they they want to have done from your quote. You just touch the screen to select the options chosen and create an invoice that can capture their authorization signature for the work. When you are done they can sign to accept the work done, enter the payment(s) made and email copies of the invoice in PDF format to the client and office. Then sync your work with your office host computer/server.
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