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GoSyncLocal™ Version History
The latest version of GoSyncLocal™ is:

2015.03.06: This update fixes a bug when ITEMS have been uploaded to GoSyncHost after modifying the Notes field that would cause GoSyncHost to not be able to process the item into FlatRatePro data. You must have a FlatRatePro v2.2 and FlatRateGo v1.2 or above license to run this file, it is not compatible with lower versions.

2014.11.11: Updated to work with FRP v2.2, FRG v1.2 and GoSyncHost v1.10. Improved logging, some bug fixes, etc.

2014.02.04: This update adds the button Upload to FlatRateGo to directly manually install your updated GoSyncLocal into your FlatRateGo file. This will let you install the updated GoSyncLocal file to your mobile copy of FlatRateGo.

Important update - Fixed the sync script so when multiple invoices or quotes are uploaded the subsequent records after the 1st will post the task lines properly to FlatRatePro host file.

The previous versions would allow multiple invoices and quotes to upload in a sync session, however when checking the records in FlatRatePro you may notice some quotes or invoices that do not show any task lines or payments that were in the record on the mobile device. This update fixes this problem.

Note: the quotes or invoices that did not upload with the tasks or payments from the previous version can be resent individually on v1.04 or in a single sync session on v1.05. To resend any quote or invoice simply un-check the Sent checkbox on the Invoice or Quote then sync again. If you are running v1.04 or below you have to sync after resetting no more than one quote and one invoice in a single sync session. After this update you can un-check the Sent checkbox on all the records that need to be re-sent then run a single sync session to correct those quotes or invoices.

2013.10.22: This update fixes the Reload FRG to Deploy new script so that QuickLinks are reloaded to match FlatRatePro.

2013.10.11: minor script changes

2013.10.09: minor script changes.

2013.10.04: now posts syncStamp after Reload FRG script runs. This way it won't try to sync more data because the syncStamp was older than the data in FRP. Added INBOX Auto Delete to run at end of sync portion of Reload FRG script.

2013.09.25: initial public release