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FlatRate Pro™ Version History
The latest version of FlatRate Pro™ is:
v2.2.7 (2015.05.21)
Improved User Account management and Logging of account Password resets, Deletion, and Creation, etc. This version is also updated with the FlatRatePro icon and tested for FileMaker Pro 14.

v2.2 (2014.11.11)
Added Quickbooks Integration ability with purchase of the module, process credit cards in FRP, improved logging, bug fixes and...this will be updated soon.

v2.0441 (2016.02.08)
This version has a fix to allow this older version to work with our current license servers. The download includes an updated GoSyncHost v1.021 that is needed to work together with this version.

v2.044 (2013.12.08)
This version has a fix that so it no longer displays the crazy long number when assigning an Employee to a Client and various minor bug fixes.

v2.043 (2013.12.08)
  • This version has a fix that resolves FRG not being able to authenticate after Employee accounts have been reset or changed from one privilege set to another.

v2.04 (2013.10.16)
  • The latest version notification was not functioning in the previously released 2.0 versions. This update fixes that. So you will know there is a new update available for download on your home screen.

  • v2.03 (2013.10.13)
  • Created Item Bin PickList that allows you to select what bin an Item belongs to in your trucks or warehouse. Item Bins (list), and Bin Detail layouts with navigation. Created Item Bin Contents layout with links to the items in the bin. This allows you to see each Bin, give it a name and a picture. Bin pictures can be a close up of the Bin so you can have a digital reference for all your truck bins which speeds up the replication process when it’s time to stock another truck. :)
  • Other utility updates & minor fixes.

This version allows connection with FlatRate Go™ connecting with our own custom sync framework. FlatRate Go™ lets you work offline and uses GoSyncLocal to mobile sync to GoSyncHost. Records can be pushed up and Records changed on the server are pulled down.

v2.0 released (Sept 25 2013)

New Features:
  • Mobile sync framework. - Allows mobile FlatRateGo users to Push and Pull records from your main FlatRatePro files.
  • Invoice payments - we now have payment line items so you can receive multiple payments on and invoice with various payment types.
  • Payment Types - has been added to the Preferences to set up the various forms of payment that your company accept.
  • Client Detail can now view invoices as well as quotes for that client
  • Assign a Tech to a client and the client will pull to the mobile device on the next sync. ( this gives a way to get the client details to techs without the full dispatch module that will be an upgrade available soon.
  • Easier to read invoices when using two column pricing. The column prices not chosen are grey so the prices that apply to the invoice stand out.
  • Invoices now display before and after pics. Before pics are placed on the quote and After pics on the invoice, both are visible on the invoice detail layout.
  • Any changes to current Tasks, Items or Vendors will be pulled down by FlatRateGo mobile users on their next sync. This means your price book is always up to date! Even if you need to add a task from the office so the tech in the field can use it in the next few minutes.
  • Completely new easy set-up process. Basically you just enter your registration key and create an admin user account we do the rest.
  • Change the colours in the price guide or any of the Preferences, that require admin access, and the appear to your mobile users in the field.
  • We’ve added a field for bar codes on your items. You can import barcodes and a code if you need in the this field. One of our clients are using the Ferguson barcodes so they can do their orders with the scan gun.
  • Barcode labels in two sizes and we have added a barcode inventory book as well. So you can scan the barcodes right from the book, without having to go through the truck to do your ordering, and when the Inventory and Dispatch modules are released you will be scanning your parts used into the job for costing, restock and inventory control.
  • If your printing price guides we haven’t forgotten about you. We have added extra margin print layouts if you need that room for comb bindings.
  • We’ve added Task Standards so you can have in writing the standards for proper repairs and installation available to show your clients. This will build value and differentiate you from the competition.
  • Updated Image Pages are synced with FlatRate Go™ so you can show any type of images you need to sell your jobs.
  • Added Client Terms field
  • Added Client Terms in Preferences to set the various terms and set the default. We like the default to be ‘C.O.D.’ but you can set it to whatever you like.
  • ‘Set your next office invoice’ field - this will allow you to set the next invoice number so you can pick up where your old system left off.
  • With digital signatures working in FlatRateGo we give you the option in Preferences to lock the invoice on Authorize or on Accept. This means that when the client signs the invoice for the agreed amount it will either lock the invoice to prevent further changes when they authorize the job or when they accept the work that has been completed after the job is finished. Just like on paper contracts you don’t change the price after the client agrees to it without a change order or addendum.
  • We have updated the look and added some limited highlighting to fields mostly on the Preferences layout.
  • SALES REPORTS with SALES CHARTS have been added to motivate your team to increase sales and earn more money.
  • Added 3 license number fields in Preferences that will appear on top of your Invoices and emailed quotes.

STILL UPDATING THIS VERSION LOG, Check back again for more.

2012 v 1.80 (April 30, 2012)

Build 1.80:
Fixed QuoteNo and InvoiceNo in email subject when emailing a PDF. 
Fix to allow task no to be entered on Task multi-column tab & combined task calculator. 
Correction to Registration Details button on Administrator tab of Preferences.
Added Update Task Pricing button to Operating Costs, Items tab.
Added Reset ALL account passwords button to Employees and Users Preference tab.
Added return to Original Layout if Commit fails on Quote -> Invoice script
Fixed safety warning when deleting Quote and there is an existing invoice so the quote cannot be deleted if there is an invoice against it. Changed Quote List Date field to Creation Date - because on an update import all the quote modified dates change to the import date.

2012 v 1.79 ( April 21, 2012 )
This version has the following fixes and updates:
  • NEW - Ability to Duplicate Tasks, Items, Assemblies, and Quotes. This saves time when creating similar tasks, assemblies, and quotes.
  • NEW - Drill down interactive Task Item List will also view Printable Item Assembly Lists.
  • NEW- TASK COMPLETION STEPS show up for iPad and iPhone.
  • NEW - Home Screen Choices for iPad and iPhone

  • Task Item reports will always appear in a new window.
  • Click the price on any printed price book layouts and a list of the included task parts appears.
  • Second add-on price was removed from the printed single column price guides: F/R Book_1, F/R Book_1 | No Backgrnd, and F/R Book_1 | No Backgrnd | Parts.
  • When choosing New (Item, Task, Client, Contact, and Quote) leaves the curser in the 1st entry field ready for entries.
  • Fixed Task Item List [category, page name, group] so it shows the Items. :)

  • NEW- Eliminated the choice of use Custom Task No’s or use Custom Item No’s from Preferences. Now any time a new Task, Item, Vendor, Client or Employee are created a number is generated that you can then edit if you choose to change it. It will not allow duplicate numbers.
  • Fixed an error reported on Quote and Invoice Detail in Pro on the computer that would not allow you to change Job address, yet did work on iPad or in iOS simulation mode.
  • With as specific combination of tax settings in preferences the tax was not calculating correctly on quotes and invoices in the previous version.

  • NEW - Added iPad_TASK Pages layout that serves as a table of contents to the page numbers the same as on the iPhone.
  • NEW - setting in Preferences to choose the layout of your preference when navigating from the Task List layouts. Lets your customize how you show your Tasks or Items
  • NEW iPad_TASK Visual layouts that take advantage of the graphic display ability of the iPad. Showing your tasks like you or your clients have ever seen before.

2012 v 1.71 ( January 01, 2012 )
Original Release version for 2012 adding FlatRate Go layouts for iPhone and iPad with a completely new interface. Goes from just printing flat rate books with inventory labels to the ‘years of expertise got it right. We put it in your hand™’ Truly! With the mobile iOS devices you can now go wireless and green. This added Quotes, then Invoices and to supporting those we’ve added Clients, Contacts, Employees and Users. This is ‘changing the way the world does flat rate™.’

FlatRate Pro v 1.2 - v 1.4 ( 1996 - 2003 )
Original release version