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FlatRate Go™ Version History
The latest version of FlatRate Go™ is:

v1.27 (2015.05.12)
  • FlatRateGo v1.27 Update - Fixed an error when selecting an alternate address on the Quote layout where you would get an error and the alternate address would not update. This version is also updated with the FlatRateGo icon and tested for FileMaker Go 14. Recommended GoSyncLocal v1.16 for this build.

v1.26 (2015.03.06)
  • FlatRateGo v1.26 Update - This file resolves an issue for those that are hosting files from FileMaker Pro Sharing without using FileMaker Server and have a domain name or fixed IP address to access their data from outside the local network. You must have a FlatRatePro v2.2 and FlatRateGo v1.2 or above license to run this file, it is not compatible with lower versions.

v1.2 (2014.11.11)
  • Added PayPalHere credit card swipe payments, numeric keypads, updated logging, bug fixes, and more.

v1.041 (2016.02.12)
  • Updated file to work on current 2016 license server. This will allow pulling your company name and address details from our license server in case you need to set up a fresh file in the pre v1.2 version.. Recommended GoSyncLocal v1.06 for this build.

  • v1.04 (2013.11.06)
  • Modified Update scripts for FlatRateGo and GoSyncLocal to auto load the latest version of GoSyncLocal when a newer version is available on GoSyncHost Downloads. This version will also provide more concise feedback when checking FRG version on the Update layout. IMPORTANT: if you have any quotes or invoices that are not showing any tasks or payments in FlatRatePro after they have been sent be sure to update GoSyncLocal to v1.05 and re-send the affected quotes and invoices on the mobile device before downloading any new FlatRateGo update to your mobile devices or those quote or invoices will not be able to be corrected. Recommended GoSyncLocal v1.06 for this build.

v1.03 (2013.10.13)
  • Fixed quotes & invoices to allow add-on pricing to display.
  • Adjusted iPad and email Invoice layout to better accommodate long lic. numbers.
    • Removed cPmtMethod from the body of iPad_InvoiceAgreement
    • Fixed InvoiceNo on 2nd page of email invoice
[ 1.02 ]
  • 02.10.13: Added Logo to splash screens.

  • 26.09.13: Corrected Data Sources button to run Open Data Sources script so it will work with admin level account login

v1.0 (Sept 25 2013)
  • Original public released version.