What are people saying about FlatRate Pro™…

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I purchased FlatRatePro pricing guide about 5 months ago and I couldn't be more happy. I use it on my iPad Mini while out running plumbing service calls. Having FlatRatePro has greatly helped with pricing the jobs right and brings a high level of credibility to my business. The layout on the iPad is so impressive, most of my customers are like…wow! when I visual show them all the items that are part of that one task.  After being in the plumbing business for over 20 years I can say I am making the money that I should be making. I'm not sure how I did with out this. I can't even tell you how AWESOME dealing with customer service at TrulySimpleSolutions is. Ben has been great to deal and speak with and he has been very patient with me. I couldn't be more happy with this product and Ben is the best.
Gary Chartier, New Horizon Plumbing - Manchester, NH
I just want to say , I have spent thousands of dollars on software and even developed one top system, and FlatRate Pro is truly the most PROFESSIONAL, thought out , thorough system that I have ever seen! It would take a life time to build this. It is so PROFESSIONAL. I hope my competition don't see it in a way, but I highly recommend it! Also all the claims of the known name software and CRM systems don't stand a chance to FlatRate Pro! And then the support they offer is never there, Ben worked with me many hours to make sure I understood this, before letting me just figure it out, like the rest did. I am not a IT guy at all! Ben is very PROFESSIONAL, stuck in there, even when my computer had issues, he helped me get through it. I wish him the best, and take my word don't waste your time or money no where else. Ben and Truly Simple Solutions, is the Number One, in flat-rate even compared to mine. It has everything and the ad-ons he is developing will just be unbelievable, because as it is I don't see how it could be better. Especially with the care he gives to his clients. Sincerely Ken Brown , Brown and Sons you may call me for any second thoughts 940-735-1174 ask for Ken. Once again thanks. Ben !
Ken Brown, Brown & Sons Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality - Aubry, TX
I have been a Flatrate Pro user since the mid 1990's. The early version allowed us to have control over custom flat rate pricing for our Service, Install, and Duct Cleaning departments. Having your own software enables you to adjust pricing, adjust times, and add or delete tasks as needed. The new version of Flatrate Pro goes well beyond the early version. I particularly like having Flatrate Pro on my Ipad. The support is great. I see Flatrate Pro developing into a fully integrated business system in the near future. I highly recommend the software.
John Owens John Owens Services Inc. Fairfax California 415 456 2906
Ben, I've downloaded the most recently updated files this morning. I really appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to put out a quality product . . . thank you.
Rick Dennisport Plumbing Dennis Port, MA