Version History
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    The latest version of FlatRate Pro™ is: v2.2.7 (2015.05.21)
    Improved User Account management and Logging of account Password resets, Deletion, and Creation, etc. This version is also updated with the FlatRatePro icon and tested for FileMaker Pro 14.
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    The latest version of FlatRate Go™ is: v1.2.7 (2015.05.12)
    Added PayPalHere credit card swipe payments, numeric keypads, updated logging, bug fixes, and more.

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    The latest version of GoSyncLocal™ is: v1.16 (2015.03.06)
    Has a bug fix.

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    The latest version of GoSyncHost™ is: v1.10 (2014.11.11)
    Updated to work with FRP v2.2 and FRG v1.2.