Do you provide training and if so how is that handled?
We find very little if any training is needed with FlatRate Pro™. We are happy to schedule an initial walk through screen sharing session to answer any of your questions and show you some of the basics. Much of what you need to learn is covered in our videos, blog entries or in the FileMaker Pro help.

When I purchase the program and install it on our main computer, can I also run it on my laptop?
Yes, you can run it on as many devices as you have license seats for, i.e. laptop, iPad, iPhone, desktop, or iPod Touch.

I would like to confirm if we can also print a book for your flat rate system.
Yes, you can print flat rate books on FlatRate Pro™ and you have lots of choices for with different styles and colors.

Does the main computer have to be on in order to use the program on a mobile device?
If you have loaded the program data files to a mobile device then no it does not.  If you are connecting live to the main computer as your host then you do need the host computer to be on in order to access the shared data.  

Are there add-on tasks at a lower price than the primary task? Example: toilet rebuild (main task) $150 add on second toilet rebuild- some percentage less than the $150 ?
Yes, On the computer in the task detail you can view the Add Breakdown tab to edit how many add-on min ,override the price, or delete the add-on altogether. In a quote or invoice you can select RateCode and choose Add-on for the add-on price in the quote or invoice lines.

It looks like there is a lot of data entry, like all the parts will have to match my suppliers to get my true job cost, correct?
You can import part prices to update the existing parts that are used in the tasks.  To make any flat rate book truly yours it will need to have your actual pricing.  Though you can get easily get started with the data provided and tweak the numbers where you see needed so that you have something to go on and thus give you time to build your own flat rate price guide with your actual prices for parts.

Can I adjust the labor rates?
Yes you can set it to what you need to earn a fair profit. It is important to know your break-even point so you can be sure your selling price covers all of your cost and has the desired profit margin on top of that.

I have different labor rates for different departments. How can I set up my price book to allow for this?
FlatRate Pro™ will let you enter as many departments as you like with a separate labor burden, overhead and labor sell price for each.

Is there anyway to attach a upc code the parts inventory or to have a bar code on my part labels?
In the current release you can import bar codes to the bar code field on the Item Detail layout. Barcodes appear on labels and a printable inventory book. A scanner can be used with either the labels or the Inventory book. This makes it much easier to place orders with vendors and to keep track of your inventory. In the up coming Inventory Module you will be able to generate your own bar codes, and we will be tracking inventory on multiple locations, i.e. (trucks an warehouses).

Is there a yearly fee or is it one price for the system?
There are NO ANNUAL FEEs. The license allows you to use your purchased version as long as you like with no fees. Some updates to your version may also be available at no charge. It is your option to purchase upgrades as we add new features and modules to FlatRate Pro™. If you subscribe to our
Cloud Subscriptions then there is a low monthly fee.

I have another flat rate program with all my tasks set up. Can I import my data into FlatRate Pro™?
Yes, you can import any of the standard data formats (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .tab, .dbf, .xml...etc) into FlatRate Pro™.

Can I export data from FlatRate Pro™ to Excel or into other file formats?
Yes, you can export data into any of the standard data formats (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .tab, .dbf, .xml...etc). There is even an Excel and PDF button built right in so you can open most any of your data into Excel or a PDF with the click of a single button!

I understand that you can adjust the labor rate, but can you also adjust the markup on parts?
Yes, in Preferences you can set the mark up level on all parts as a sliding scale or a percentage for all parts. You can also adjust the mark up on parts individually if you like.

Will we have to be connected to the internet in order to create a quote, and invoice, or look up pricing?
No, you can create quotes and invoices without an internet connection. All your flat rate prices are pre-loaded before you deploy to your mobile users. You need the internet connection to sync your work with the FlatRatePro host, either in your office or a remote host in the cloud.

What trades are covered in the flare rate module?
FlatRate Pro is built so that most any trade can be used in the software that has parts and labor.  FlatRate Pro ships with Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning , Heat Pumps, Boilers & Hydronic Heat tasks and parts.  

Does this upload to Quickbooks?
Yes, Quickbooks Integration Module built in ready for activation** saving you loads of accounting entries keeping FlatRatePro in sync with Quickbooks. We've integrated your important entries with Quickbooks for Windows using the FMBooks Connector Plug-In by Productive Computing (available separately).

On a Mac? No problem if you run
VMWare Fusion or Parallels. We run VMWare Fusion in Unity mode and it is pretty much just like running any other Mac program. We love it!

Your software looks like the solution I am looking for. How can I get a live demo?
Yes, just contact us and we will schedule you in. You can also
download the demo file from our site.

To learn more about FlatRatePro visit our blog or watch some of our many videos on
our YouTube channel.