Wow! iPad’s Graphical Display for Flat Rate Tasks

New visual task presentation on iPad

Not long ago someone wrote in and asked how far in the future will it be possible to show our tasks in a very visual graphic way. To convey in pictures what is included in a task at the point of sale. They sent me an example of their dream of what flat rate could look like on the iPad.

I started to write that something close to their idea could be done...and it would be a bit of work...etc.. Then I went into FileMaker and started to play around with the layouts for the TASK Detail. Before the end of that very night I had created the basic of our new iPad_TASK Visual layout.

You can select in preferences where you want to go from the Task List or Price Guide views. Choose to just go straight to a visual list of parts or choose the one of two different TASK Visual layouts, one with your logo and other graphic or one without any logos.

In the video above I demonstrate one of these new TASK Visual layouts.

iPad_VisualTask 260x337

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