We are changing the way the world does flat rate.

FlatRate Pro 2012 is released!

FlatRate Pro / FlatRate Go are simple to use and very powerful tools for your business. What is a flat rate book for anyway, but to allow technicians to show the standardised pricing and quote the job to the client. So how is any flat rate software complete if it does not create the quote and then an invoice for the tasks that the client authorises you to do?

With FlatRate Go in the field you can do just that! A PDF file of the the quote and the invoice can be emailed to the client or the office. The technicians are spared the writing , the math, and crossing out that happens across the globe. The office is not going to have any problem deciphering the technicians hand writing, and your company will be up to date with technology and going green by having a paperless quote and invoice system. : )

See our download page to try a free download or to buy now. If you are a previous client of Ben Graham Services that purchases FlatRate Pro in one of the original versions you are eligible for a limited time discount. See our download page for more details.

See these new videos on creating a quote and creating an Invoice:

Create a quote on the iPad

Create an invoice on the iPad

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