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Changing the way the world does flat rate
FRP_Task Detail
Task Detail layout in FlatRate Pro™
Looks nice and easy to use.

Happy Holidays to you all. Many are working to make their year end sales to be the best they can be. Some of you are already on holiday. We have been working away at Truly Simple Solutions on a roll to release FlatRate Pro™ 2012. This is just a little about how FlatRate Pro™ is not ‘just a flat rate software’, it does sooooo much more.

A few things that FlatRate Pro™ does that the others may not:
  • Manage your Clients with unlimited related addresses, contacts, quotes, and invoices
  • Manage your Vendors, unlimited number of branches, with related contacts, and parts
  • Keep track of your parts items used in your tasks, the related tasks they appear in
  • Create Assembly items to group parts packages for repetitive installs or larger jobs - Saves Time
  • Super easy to use and attractive interface is fun to use! : )
  • See part images in tasks and when adding to tasks makes selection easy and with just a click!
  • Advance filters to allow you to see and find the data you want with the least effort.
  • Track Add - Ons and Extended Service Plans as part of your price book.
  • Easy to read Task Breakdown screen to see how much money you will make with each task.

And so much more... look for some new videos to be posted soon.

Oh yes we can’t leave out the fact that your technicians can make a quote with a few touches of the finger on their iPad, or iPhone. This saves them calculation time and the office will love not having all the math errors, and poor hand writing!

$$ INVOICES - YES! Technicians can show the quote to their customer, tap the options that they wish to purchase or ‘take the lot’ and buy all that was offered. I can’t wait to show you this in an up coming video! With a touch of a magic button on the Invoice magically appears with the items that were selected from the quote. The customer can then sign the iPhone or iPad to authorize the work and sign when the work is completed. The Tech can record the payment and their copy of the invoice is emailed in PDF format while the tech is still at their home. The invoice and the quote are saved to your company server or computer in real time. See the sample email invoice below.

All this at a very affordable price. FlatRate Pro© can be run as a single user to a 999 user system!

Get Ready! because FlatRate Pro© is changing the way the world does flat rate before Christmas 2011!


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