Parts Packages and Task Drill Down

Drill down into that Task and what do you find?

A client the other day asked how are you able to access printable Item Assemblies also known as Parts Packages. We showed a video a while back showing how to create Item assemblies. They are a key part of larger jobs or installations where you start with the same basic package of parts.

This can be very efficient for the warehouse, technicians and installers as well. When the job is pulled from the warehouse you can just pull the bin that was pre-loaded before hand for the standard parts package, load the piece of equipment and they are off to the job. They also know exactly what parts they started with so this make inventory tracking easier as well.

See in this video how we can drill down into our TASK Items Report to view the TASK Detail, ITEM Detail, and Item Assemblies on a given task. The printable Item Assemblies look good and can be placed into your printed flat rate Price Guide. Ever since the 2012 release you have always been able to view the Item Assemblies with iPad and iPhone. It is effortlessly smooth and fun!


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