Hold on New Clients and support

Dear Clients,

Due to some choices in life and for the care for my family there will be no further support or development of FlatRatePro or FlatRateGo.

The development of these products has been my passion for years now and I have found there is simply not time at present in life to take on new clients or work on the future development projects. 

The files will continue to work with your existing license keys even if our license server is taken down, however the registration process will no longer be able to pull your registration details (company name and address) from our server should it be taken down. This will not effect existing installations of FlatRatePro.

Should work resume on these products at a later date you see it here on this website and be notified on the home page of FlatRatePro.

Kind Regards,
Ben Graham

Item Bins and Labels

When you are ready to print part labels for your trucks you will be putting those labels onto bins or trays that go into the truck.

Truck inventory trays

In this video we show you how to create Item Bins in FlatRate Pro™ and how to assign parts to a bin. Then we show you the basics for finding and printing labels for your bins.

A tour of FlatRate Pro™ - The desktop flat rate mothership

There is really no quick way to show everything in FlatRate Pro™. This video takes you through many of the features, leaving much more to see in our other videos. Let us know what you would like to see a video of and we might just create it. Happy

FRP Box orange

A tour of FlatRate Go™ - mobile flat rate

Our no talking quick run through on FlatRate Go™. This video is shot from the iPad sharing it’s screen with the computer.

FRG_iOS_blue3glass $ Go

White board of how FlatRate Go™Sync works with FlatRate Pro

I thought it was time to show you how FlatRate Go™Sync and FlatRate Pro™ sync your data on a white board. This is our next product release to be available soon.

Stay tuned so you can have the most highly developed simple flat rate system on the market today!

In this video I go over the connection process then create and sync an invoice on the iPad pushing the data directly to our server Invoices.

FlatRate Go™Sync Whiteboard

Sync mobile offline FlatRate Go™ invoices with server

Take a peak at our next hot upcoming release - FlatRate Go™ can work offline to view your flat rate price guide, create quotes and invoices where you don’t have any 3G or WIFI connection. Then when you have either 3G or WIFI use FlatRate Go™Sync to upload your invoices to the server. This works even on sketchy 3G connections.

Want to see how fast it is? Check out this video below where three different mobile devices create and upload invoices to our FlatRate Go™SyncBox, which then pushes them directly to company invoice records.

The nice thing about this is that it sends each invoice as a single transaction. If you loose your connection in the middle of a transfer you only get whole invoices or no invoices. No partial transactions will commit to your server or hosted computer, and that means clean data from your field technicians can be posted to your company server. Happy We like that!

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