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We are currently not taking on any new clients nor providing support for FlatRatePro or FlatRateGo until further notice.
Who is behind truly simple solutions?

Ben Graham

Ben Graham started business back in 1987 after working in the plumbing industry from the early 80’s. See our picture album from these plumbing, heating, air, and solar companies.

"I learned the trades from the ground up digging trenches, pipe installation, commercial and residential construction and repairs. I have always enjoyed a clean organised piping systems and love solar and hydronic controls.

In running my own businesses I am passionate about the organisation of all aspects of the business from the way we perform the physical work on the job, manage the team, training the staff, entering and managing our company data, setting up our inventory, sales, and marketing systems to our financials.

When we can put our heart and sole into what we do the results can be both personally satisfying and amazing. This is how I spend my time with Truly Simple Solutions."

~ Ben Graham
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Over a 1/4 century of industry experience

The work we do now is direct result of over 25 years of business experience. We have worked in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and solar trades. Running a professional sales team with the highest industry standards, providing top notch training and coaching to our team members.

Years of expertise got it right.
We put it in your hand.™

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Custom Software Solutions

Working for years in business the creation of custom software for the running of various plumbing, heating, solar and air conditioning companies grew out of the need to organize, track, and manage the business.

FlatRate Pro™ a flat rate pricing software was developed in house and was found extremely useful to many similar companies in the US, Canada, and Australia. Suddenly it was realised we were also in the business of sharing our expertise via our software for businesses around the globe. Our first products were geared to
flat rate pricing systems, dispatch, people management, sales tracking, order tracking, sales, efficiency, and performance reports, inventory, vendor and contact management. This development has expanded into the development of a software solutions that simplify the work flow for most any type of business.